Explore the exhibition objects with a curatorial talk by graduate fellow Cait DiMartino and a series of Art Talks! lead by our student docent team.

Reverse Image: Cait DiMartino on Prints by Enrique Chagoya and Murry DePillars

Murry DePillars was a Chicago artist prominent in the city’s Black Arts Movement of the 1960s and the artist organization AfriCobra. Enrique Chagoya is a California-based artist raised in Mexico City who addresses in both artwork and activism the cultural and political clash between the U.S. and Latin America and U.S. foreign policy.

Though to different ends, both artists engage symbols from pop culture and advertisements, reversing, subverting, and ultimately transforming this imagery to address social and political issues. Cait DiMartino, Block Museum Art History Fellow 2019-2020 and co-curator of the exhibition For One and All: Prints from The Block Collection, showcases two works by the artists from The Block collection, Untitled (Aunt Jemima Pancake and Waffle Mix) (c.1969) and utopiancannibal.org (2000). By comparing these works, we explore how these artists each use the medium of printmaking in a unique manner as a mechanism for social and political discourse. (Recorded 3/16/21)

Art Talks! Docents in Dialogue – Brianna Heath on Deborah Roberts and Jim Nutt

How do artworks talk to us… and to one another? And how can we learn to talk back? Northwestern undergraduates in The Block Museum Student Docent Program consider two works from the museum collection that have something to say to one another (and to us.) This season, the team will share artworks in our current exhibition For One and All: Prints from The Block’s Collection, and our upcoming Fall 2021 exhibition, Who Says, Who Shows, What Counts  In this talk Brianna Heath, Major in Art History, Minor in African American Studies (2021), discusses discussing She’s Mighty, Mighty (2017) by Deborah Roberts and Twixt (f1997) by Jim Nutt.

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